Adrian McKoy’s Strong Family Roots Exemplify Dedication as Husband & Father

Adrian’s custom suit carries significant meaning, portraying him as the tree and his family as the branches.

Adrian McKoy for 37 Magazine. The fashion suit symbolizes family unity like branches on a tree.

Adrian McKoy is the owner of S&M AAI Transportation and the foundation of S&M Custom Design. Despite the demands of running his own company, he has managed to dedicate himself to fulfilling his wife’s dreams and raising their three daughters. Growing up on the island of Jamaica, he learned the value of gratitude and staying grounded through any challenges in life. These values have been crucial in raising a family, building a long-lasting marriage and a thriving business.

Adrian’s unfaltering devotion to his wife (Haitian fashion designer Santia McKoy) and family, sets a benchmark for the ideal qualities every man should possess. Through his tireless efforts into making his family’s dreams a reality, he exemplifies the true essence of commitment and prioritizing loved ones. On this special occasion of his 33rd birthday, it is important to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices he has made to ensure the happiness and well-being of those closest to him. Adrian’s deep-rooted commitment to his family serves as a shining example of what it means to be a devoted husband and father. He has consistently put their needs before his own, working tirelessly to create a better life for them. His selflessness and determination are qualities that should be admired and emulated.

Adrian’s ability to balance his responsibilities while maintaining a strong family bond is commendable. He has demonstrated that it is possible to be a successful provider and a present, loving partner and parent. His dedication to his family is a testament to the strength of their bond and the values they hold dear. As Adrian celebrates another year of life, it is a reminder of the profound impact he has had on those around him. His actions have not only shaped the lives of his immediate family but have also set a powerful example for others to follow. Let us celebrate Adrian’s devotion and the invaluable lessons he has taught us about the true meaning of love, commitment and sacrifice.

Adrian McKoy for 37 Magazine.

With her exceptional skills, Santia has woven a tapestry of symbolism and meaning, celebrating Adrian’s family legacy in a way that transcends mere fabric and thread. The one-of-a-kind suit represents Adrian as the tree and his family as the branches. The jacket’s sleeves are intricately adorned with draping fabric, serving as a visual representation of his family lineage. He envisions himself as the unwavering tree that provides strength and support, while Santia and their three daughters (Aliya, Isabela and Adrianna) are symbolized by the branches that extend and grow.

The intricate and symbolic design on the arms speaks to the strong family bond they share. With each stitch and detail, it was as if Santia had woven their love and unity into the very fabric of the suit. It is more than just clothing; it is a symbol of their journey together, a reminder of the resilience and love that had carried them through every obstacle they had faced. As Adrian runs his fingers over the intricate details of the suit during the photoshoot, you can feel a swell of emotion in his chest. The piece is a tangible representation of their metaphorical family tree, a reminder of the roots that grounded them and the branches that reached for the sky.

Adrian McKoy for 37 Magazine.

Despite the challenges that have come their way, Adrian and Santia have remained resilient. Originating from Jamaica and Haiti, they eventually settled in Florida to run a business and start a family together. Through this journey, they have learned to value life’s blessings and remain humble, even when confronted with adversity. Their fashion design business has flourished, gaining recognition for its unique artistry and attention to detail. Santia’s passion for creating beautiful pieces is evident in every project she takes on, and her eye for design has brought a fresh perspective to their work and the fashion industry. Together, they are a dynamic team that turns dreams into reality for their clients. As they look back on how far they have come, Adrian can’t help but feel grateful for the journey they had taken together. The island of Jamaica may have been where he learned his values, but it was with Santia by his side that he truly found his purpose.

Adrian’s journey from the vibrant shores of Jamaica to running a business in Florida is a reminder that our roots shape our resilience. Adrian knows that no matter what challenges lay ahead, he has his family by his side. They are his pillars of strength, his source of endless love and support. And with Santia’s talent and their unity, there is no doubt in his mind that they will continue to conquer any obstacles that comes their way. Through his steadfast belief in Santia’s vision, Adrian has become a vital ally on her path to success and a shining example for others to follow.


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