Kieran Macdonald: 24 Seven Dance Convention Principal Dancer Inspires the Next Generation

Kieran shares his expertise with dancers from all over the country.

Kieran Macdonald for 37 Magazine. Photography: Wes Klain.

As Kieran Macdonald steps into the spacious studio filled with eager dancers buzzing around him, he feels a surge of excitement for the day ahead. The dancers look up to him with admiration and respect, knowing that his every move is a piece of art in motion. As the music starts playing, Kieran effortlessly glides across the floor, his movements fluid and precise. The dancers watch in awe, absorbing every detail of his choreography with unwavering focus. With each step, Kieran pours his heart and soul into the dance, his passion radiating through every fiber of his being.

Kieran holds the esteemed position of principal dancer at 24 Seven Dance Convention, making him the sole Canadian to achieve this impressive role. He works closely with director Danny Lawn to assist in all convention workshops and collaborates on developing new choreography. As a seasoned contemporary and hip hop teacher, Kieran is responsible for running rehearsals and training dancers at the convention.

Kieran brings a unique perspective to the convention’s workshops. He introduces dancers to the subtle nuances of contemporary and hip hop movement, guiding them through emotional storytelling and dynamic choreography. Mentoring aspiring dancers, he imparts invaluable insights and techniques, empowering the next generation to reach new heights in their craft. He also serves as a judge when needed, evaluating dancers from all over the United States who attend the convention’s competition. 

Kieran Macdonald assisting at NUVO Dance Convention. Photography: Mati Ficara.

Kieran has an extensive background as a judge in prestigious national dance competitions. His expertise has been sought after for events such as Ultimate Dance Tour and Starbound National Talent Competition, “the best and largest dance talent competition in America.” His discerning eye and profound knowledge of the art form have undoubtedly contributed to the fair and impartial evaluation of talented dancers on a national scale. He has traveled across the United States as a judge and master teacher for Groove National Dance Competition that features some of the most talented artists in the industry. Guiding eager students through the steps and rhythms of different styles, Kieran’s patience and expertise shines through, earning him admiration and respect from both participants and fellow instructors.

Kieran’s journey from the streets of Paisley, Scotland, to the vibrant stage of Los Angeles is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. From a young age, the art of dance ignited a fire within Kieran Macdonald, and he embraced it wholeheartedly. With every step, every pirouette, and every leap, Kieran defied the odds and carved his own path to success. This versatile and talented dancer has captivated audiences and peers alike with his electrifying performances. Kieran has also had the opportunity to collaborate with world renowned choreographers and educators such as Ray Leeper, Marguerite Derricks, Will Loftis, Dana Foglia, Travis Wall, Andrew Winghart, Stacey Tookey, Martha Nichols, Tucker Barkley and Sean Cheesman.

24 Seven Dance Convention Dancers. Kieran Macdonald, middle right. Photography: Mati Ficara.

With a commitment to his craft, this remarkable dancer is destined to etch his name among the greats, leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance. He recently embarked on a nationwide tour across the United States, Canada and Mexico, serving as the Dance Captain and Swing (understudying Mistoffelees) for the Broadway National Tour of the acclaimed musical Cats. Additionally, his talent has graced the screen in the Amazon Prime Original series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Kieran’s prominence extends beyond the stage and screen, as he has been featured in prestigious campaigns and publications, including Gucci’s Showtime: The Spring Summer 2019 Campaign, Dance Teacher Magazine, Breakaway Magazine, Livingston Magazine and DanceLife Australia.

Kieran Macdonald: Website | Instagram | YouTube

Kieran Macdonald for 37 Magazine. Photography: Wes Klain.

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