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JR Michael Wants to Make a Difference Through the Art of Filmmaking

JR Michael covers 37 Magazine.

With a stack of scripts on his desk awaiting his approval, director and actor JR Michael leans back in his chair and gazes out the window of his sleek office. The sun is setting, casting a warm glow over the cityscape below. One of his latest projects, Stranger In The Dark contains a storyline that has a mysterious allure that he knows will captivate audiences. As he picks up the script and begins to read through it, the words on the page seemed to come to life. The tale of secrets buried deep within a small town, waiting to be unearthed by a brave young girl, resonates with him in ways he can’t quite explain. “I envisions sweeping shots of the quaint town, shrouded in darkness and secrecy, with a haunting soundtrack that would send shivers down viewers’ spines.”

As the visionary behind Brick House Pictures and the driving force behind Life Destiny Miracles LLC, he brings his bold vision and unwavering values to life through captivating projects. Dedicated to creating films that are meaningful and entertaining, Brick House Pictures has a strong presence on Amazon Prime with several outstanding productions and a slew of exciting projects in the works, including Stranger In The Dark, a chilling story about a girl who uncovers a sinister secret kept hidden by her new hometown for years. His film, Touch, follows an angel’s journey as he inspires and whispers words of hope to those in need. Another thrilling project on their horizon is A New York Story, a gritty crime drama set in 2026 where two unlikely partners must overcome their differences to take down a powerful villain in a society changed by new laws and shifting moralities. “Two cops join forces in a race against time to take down a notorious villain in a city where crime has evolved and society is unrecognizable in the year 2026.” From the haunting Nightfall to the enlightening Lily’s Sacred Journey, each film touches the hearts of its viewers.

Nightfall. JR Michael for 37 Magazine.

JR joined forces with Joelly Almodovar to co-write and co-direct Nightfall, that explores themes of redemption, sacrifice and the strength of the human spirit. The plot centers around Jack Walker, a former military operations soldier who returns to civilian life after six grueling years of service. The story explores the experiences and challenges faced by veterans as they reintegrate into society after their time in the armed forces. The plot intertwines personal drama with broader societal issues, shedding light on the underground world of human trafficking and its far-reaching consequences. It presents a narrative that moves from a seemingly straightforward mission to a revealing journey into a hidden and dangerous world, providing social commentary and offering a multifaceted exploration of immigration, family and criminal networks

Jack’s quest becomes more than a personal mission to save his family; it evolves into a crusade against evil, inspiring others to join his cause. His military training and unwavering determination become tools for good, as he fights not just for his family, but for countless innocent lives caught in this modern-day nightmare. Through his actions, he demonstrates that one person can indeed make a difference, even in the face of overwhelming odds. As the story unfolds, viewers are challenged to confront the harsh realities of human trafficking while being inspired by Jack’s courage and compassion. His journey serves as a powerful reminder that even in our darkest hours, there is always hope, and that the fight for justice and human dignity is a battle worth waging.

JR’s directorial highlight, Lily’s Sacred Journey, is a powerful beacon of hope and awareness. Through this remarkable work written by Georgia Delphine and Mark Ricker, he courageously shines a light on the often-overlooked struggles and pain endured by Indigenous communities throughout history. The film is a celebration of resilience and cultural richness, offering authentic and inspiring Indigenous representation that has long been missing from our screens. JR’s dedication to this cause reminds us all that we have the power to make a difference, to tell untold stories and to change hearts and minds through the art of filmmaking. His work serves as a rallying cry, urging us to open our eyes, listen with empathy, and take action to support and uplift Indigenous voices. Together, inspired by JR’s passion and commitment, we can forge a path towards greater understanding, respect and equality for all.

Next, JR will take on double duty as both the director and actor in the upcoming psychological thriller Dark Secret Confrontation. This dual role demonstrates his versatility in the film industry, showcasing his talents both behind the camera and in front of it. The project, which combines his directorial vision with his acting skills, is likely to offer audiences a unique cinematic experience shaped by his creative input in multiple capacities. The film centers on the compelling story of Jackhammer, a retired detective whose peaceful retirement is disrupted when his former boss persuades him to return to the world of crime-solving. The narrative explores the intense journey Jackhammer undertakes as he becomes embroiled in a new case. This movie blends elements of suspense, psychological depth, and detective work, offering viewers an engaging exploration of the challenges and complexities faced by a seasoned investigator drawn back into his former profession.

Dark Secret of Confrontation starring JR Michael.

“Being a filmmaker in the year 2024 is a little bit different than being a filmmaker in 1985. Today we have all the tools in front of us as an actor as an entrepreneur as a director of producer to make things happen and call our own shots we see our destiny right before our eyes. We don’t have to let anyone tell us which way we’re going. While other people sit around and wait for things to come to them, there are people who sit down and strategize, coming up with a plan to push forward. That’s what it means to be an actor in 2024. Push your dreams to make it happen don’t wait around for it to fall in your lap.”

JR is set to star in two upcoming films directed by Alex Kane: Parallel and Depravation. Parallel is a psychological thriller that follows the story of an amnesiac drifter. The protagonist experiences a sudden, jarring awakening triggered by a disturbing memory that rattles him to the core. This event leads to a series of unsettling revelations about multiple realities that challenge conventional understanding of time and logic. As the narrative unfolds, the main character grapples with an intense internal conflict that threatens to undermine his mental stability. What follows next is an eerie realization of various realities that defy time, logic and reason, triggering an inner turmoil that could very well betray his sanity. The film promises to explore complex themes of memory, reality and the nature of sanity.

JR Michael for 37 Magazine.

In what is expected to be his most challenging and intense portrayal to date, he will play the character of John Reeves in the film Deprivation that explores the psychological effects of sleep deprivation through the story of a homeless individual. This role offers a unique opportunity to shed light on the issue of homelessness and the often-overlooked consequences. The protagonist is portrayed as disoriented and lacking direction as he navigates the urban landscape. His primary objective is to find a secure location to sleep, but this proves challenging in the inhospitable city environment. Oblivious to his surroundings, and seemingly with no sense of purpose, he wanders aimlessly through the downtrodden city streets in search of a safe haven to rest. Unable to find a acceptable resting spot, the lack of sleep gradually takes a toll on his mental state, causing him to snap and spawn a dangerous chain of events. As the character’s search for rest continues unsuccessfully, the narrative focuses on the progressive deterioration of his mental state due to prolonged sleeplessness. This decline in cognitive function ultimately leads to a critical breaking point, triggering a series of perilous incidents.

The film uses this premise to illustrate the severe consequences of sleep deprivation and comment on broader social issues such as homelessness and urban living conditions. Through its narrative, Deprivation aims to inform viewers about the crucial role of maintaining mental stability and the potential ramifications when this basic need goes unmet. The protagonist’s journey through the urban landscape serves as a powerful metaphor for the struggles faced by homeless individuals in modern society. Through his wanderings, the film exposes viewers to the harsh realities of life on the streets, highlighting the lack of accessible shelter and the constant state of vulnerability experienced by those without a fixed shelter. As the character navigates the city, the camera captures the stark contrast between the bustling urban life and his isolation, emphasizing the invisibility of homeless individuals in society.

Deprivation film starring JR Michael.

The film’s visual language, coupled with its narrative structure, invites viewers to confront their own perceptions and biases regarding homelessness. By focusing on the basic human need for shelter and safety, the movie draws attention to the systemic failures that contribute to homelessness, such as inadequate social support systems, lack of affordable housing and the criminalization of poverty. This approach encourages audiences to consider the complex factors that lead to and perpetuate homelessness, fostering empathy and potentially inspiring action towards addressing these critical social issues.

“I’m always working on projects and burning the midnight oil. Looking back on so many of these projects I just get so excited to see how they are slowly manifesting. It’s almost like growing flowers. Interesting it’s the same thing with life. Watch it grow!”

Lost at Sea will be under the direction of Ray Acevedo, who aims to capture the gritty realism of undercover work while also showcasing the island’s unique character. The plot centers on FBI agent Rodrigo Aponte (JR Michael), who embarks on a dangerous mission to infiltrate Puerto Rico’s criminal underworld. This organization is led by a mysterious figure known as Zahir. The narrative unfolds as a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game, where Rodrigo must navigate through a complex web of deceit, corruption, and violence. As he pursues justice, Rodrigo faces numerous challenges including potential betrayal and constant danger as he navigates the narco’s labrynth of deceit. The story explores themes of law enforcement, organized crime, and the intricate dynamics of undercover operations in a narcotics-dominated environment.

JR Michael & daughter Lara for 37 Magazine.

Filmmaker JR Michael’s dedication reminds us all that we have the power to make a difference. Through his filmmaking, he hopes to highlight important issues and make the world a better place for his daughters. His passion for storytelling drives him to create powerful narratives that shed light on social injustices and environmental concerns. With each project, he strives to inspire viewers to take action and become agents of change in their communities. His daughters serve as a constant reminder of the legacy he wishes to leave behind – a world where empathy, equality and sustainability are not just ideals, but realities. By using his artistic talents to amplify marginalized voices and challenge societal norms, he aims to pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. His dedication to his craft and his unwavering belief in the transformative power of cinema fuel his commitment to making a lasting impact on the world, one frame at a time.


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